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Markopolo AI Marketing Automation

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About Markopolo.ai

Markopolo Ai is an advertising tool built for 50million+ microbusinesses, Marketers, creators, and digital agencies. The Markopolo ai platform lets you run social media and search ad campaigns with AI-generated copy and creativity. Audience presets and uses AI to automatically generate content schedules for paid marketing campaigns and A/B testing. Identify the highest-converting audiences for your ads on Facebook, Google (Search, Display, PMax, Shopping), TikTok, and LinkedIn without experience.

Markopolo Ai Marketing Autopilot generates social ad copy, identify targeted audiences, and schedule cross-platform social media and search ad campaigns. It is an advertising tool built for 50million+ microbusinesses and creators. The platform lets them launch targeted ads in seconds, requiring no experience or technical skill.

Markopolo Ai Marketing Copilot Features

Targeting: Discover and engage targeted customers easily.

    • Audience Maker: Choose from presets and launch your ad campaign within a few clicks.
    • AI Suggested Keywords: Target your audience better based on their interests and get 27% accurate audience reach.
    • Campaign Maker: Simultaneously run campaigns and target audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok.

Automation: Use automation to save time and get better results.

    • Ad Automation: Automate how your campaigns work using ad rules. 
    • Ad Rules: Look at Preset rules and find out which fits your goals best.
    • Modes and Scopes: Use our numerous modes to set your rules.

Attribution: Recapture lost audiences

    • MarkTag: Marktag can recapture lost audiences in both Android and ios devices. 
    • Event Builder & Setup: Get back every lost audience from all channels.
    • Recapture Audience: Promote your brand across recaptured audiences without any trouble.

Optimization: Nucleus AI Assistant to get Maximum Returns

    • Nucleus: AI Assistant to help you get a maximum 20% return from your ad spending.
    • Auto Optimization: Autonomous optimization makes the best decision in bid amounts, audience, ad duration Etc.
    • Reporting: Track your results for your auto-optimized campaigns through our reporting. 

Markopolo Ai Use Cases

    • Agency: Markopolo automates your ad management routine so you can focus on reaching results faster. Serve 10x more clients.
    • E-commerce: Increase Sales by 30% by best in class retargeting tools.
    • Enterprises: Spend Less and increase 2X sales growth.

Try Markopolo Ai Marketing Autopilot for 15-Day FreeTrail, Let Markopolo optimize, see the results, then decide.

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