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Collectif Ai User Research Tool

collectif ai user research tool
About Collectif Ai
Collectif is an AI user research platform for SaaS that automates your research and feedback analysis. Discover insights buried in support tickets, feedback forms, sales calls, and more in minutes.

What types of data does Collectif analyze?

  • Support Tickets.
  • Feedback
  • Interviews
  • Sales Calls
  • Reviews
  • Deal Reasons
  • Churns Reasons

How does Collectif work?

  • Connect the tools used across your company or upload interviews.
  • Get automatic transcripts, topic and sentiment labels, summaries, and insights generated by GPT-4.
  • Quickly discover issues and opportunities, or even more leisurely — ask your data questions!

How are insights generated?

  • Each piece of data is analyzed and turned into Highlights (synthesis of information).
  • Highlights are assigned to pre-defined Topics, like specific features or more universal things like Pricing or Customer Support.
  • Once a week, Collectif analyzes highlights, identifying Insights (recurring themes).

Collectif Use Cases:

  • Prioritize bug fixes based on frequency in support tickets.
  • Speed up interview analysis with transcriptions, summaries, and auto-tagging.
  • Identify usability issues mentioned in support tickets and feedback forms.
  • Review sales call summaries to pinpoint product-related objections.
  • Gain deeper insight into new users challenges thanks to sales call analysis.
  • Organize your research and share it with other teams with ease.
  • Identify gaps in your customer education program and help users solve their problems.
  • Assess the general experience using sentiment from reviews and feedback forms.
  • Define messaging and information hierarchy based on topic frequency.
  • Find feature-specific feedback and research in a few clicks.
  • Use input from lost deals to influence product direction.
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