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About BYOB Ai Sidekick
BYOB AI-driven sidekick that can assist with all your data and decision-making needs. It can connect to multiple data sources and sort, organize, and build a knowledge repository. BYOB AI also trains itself to have as much context as possible and deliver analytics and real-time actionable insights. It can also integrate with existing workflows and tools. It can be used for product analysis, customer sentiment analysis, predictive product demand forecasting, financial data analysis, lead scoring and qualification, market trend analysis and competitor intelligence, automated budget tracking and forecasting, audience segmentation and targeting, and more.

BYOB: Build Your Own Brain is tailored for the modern data-driven business. It seamlessly ingests structured and unstructured data – be it video, audio, text or numeric. Once onboarded, BYOB efficiently preprocesses, cleans, and analyzes all of the data – revealing key insights – for most business functions.

Interact with BYOB, your data guide—answering questions, forecasting trends, and steering decisions.

By centralizing data, we aim to decentralize wisdom, allowing stakeholders to bypass the grunt work of data management and focus on nuanced, second-order decision-making.

BYOB Use Cases

  • For Product: Use BYOB to identify trends and patterns in user behaviour, align with business objectives, and evaluate technical feasibility. Prioritize effectively and chart out a decisive roadmap for your product's evolution. 
  • For Sales: Streamline your sales pipeline with BYOB. Let it analyze your data, prioritize your leads based on potential, offer real-time feedback to improve pitches, and finetune strategies to boost conversions and revenue. 
  • For Technology: Use BYB for efficient code generation and optimization. Describe functionality and get curated code. Improve data analysis capabilities based on user priorities and adjust tracking to capture key interactions. Make your development more targeted and efficient. 
  • For Strategy: With BYOB, quickly pinpoint trends and opportunities. Plan targets and allocate resources effectively while anticipating outcomes. BYOB factors in the organization's mission, market dynamics, and internal data for comprehensive strategizing.
  • For Analyst: Use BYOB to streamline and speed up your analysis. Automate tasks, receive detailed and specific insights, catalogue data efficiently, formulate hypotheses swiftly, conduct rapid root cause analysis, and spot anomalies in real-time.
  • For Customer Support: BYOB can do a sentiment analysis of customer interactions, streamline the knowledge base, and promptly direct representatives to the right information. This will ensure that reps can address client concerns with accuracy and speed.
  • For Finance: BYOB analyzes credit reports, financial statements, and related data to detect even the smallest risks. Use it to forecast potential consequences, ensuring you make decisions that bolster and optimize your organization's financial health.
  • For Human Resources: BYOB evaluates candidates against job descriptions, clarifies policy-related queries, ensures alignment, and recommends strategies for enhanced employee satisfaction and talent growth. Finetune it to your requirements and preferences and have a more transparent and data-driven hiring process. 
  • For Marketing: Use BYOB for precise audience segmentation. Identify and act on current marketing trends quickly. Ensure all campaigns and content align with your brand standards, ensuring consistent messaging and better results.
  • For Operations: Use BYOB for precise resource allocation, distribute assets where they're most needed, predict maintenance requirements, and reduce downtime. Additionally, BYOB aids in maintaining optimal inventory levels and finetuning supply chain operations for maximum efficiency.

Pricing Details:

 Free Trial

  • 50 queries for seven days
  •  Multi-Modal Uploads
  • Conversational analytics
  •  Proactive Insights

 BYOB Lite

  • 100 Queries – $49/month/user
  • Everything in Free Trial
  • All data connectors
  • Automated Metric Alerts


  • 500 Queries – $199/month/user
  • Everything in Free Trial
  • All data connectors
  •  Automated Metric Alerts

 BYOB ++

  • Unlimited Queries
  • Everything in Pro + more
  • Finetuning for select BUs custom data sources
  • Custom workflow features
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