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About SpeechGen.io
SpeechGen.io offers text-to-speech conversion in 150 languages. Users can create online voiceovers by inputting text. The service provides audio downloads in MP3, WAV, and OGG. It can process up to 2,000,000 characters at once for YouTube and TikTok. Its multi-voice editor facilitates dialogues with varied AI voices. Users can customize voice settings, including speed and pitch. With SSML support, further voice customization is possible. Over 1,000 distinct voices, from children to elderly, are available. The platform is a daily tool for professionals like educators, video makers, and marketers.

SpeechGen.io is an AI text-to-speech generator that generates realistic voiceovers online. It enables users to insert text, generate speech and download audio in MP3/WAV format for any purpose.

SpeechGen Features

  • Download audio in MP3, WAV, and OGG formats.
  • Can handle long text voiceovers up to 2,000,000 characters.
  • Suitable for commercial applications.
  • Multi-voice editor for dialogues.
  • Supports 150 languages.
  • Customize voice settings, including speed, pitch, and pronunciation.
  • SSML support for enhanced voice customization.
  • Cost-effective: minimal expenses for re-dubbing.
  • 1,000+ natural-sounding voices are available across various demographics.

SpeechGen Use Cases

  • Video makers produce voiceovers without studio costs.
  • Newsmakers use computerized voices for news and sports.
  • Students and professionals access content quickly.
  • Second-language learners improve their pronunciation and comprehension.
  • Software developers enhance user experience with synthesized speech.
  • Marketers create audio content efficiently.
  • IVR systems using generated prompts.
  • Educators are producing audio examples for language teaching.
  • Book enthusiasts using the service as an audiobook reader.
  • HR and e-learning professionals are developing training modules.
  • Web admins were converting articles to lifelike audio, enhancing webpage engagement.
  • Animators are incorporating AI voices for character dialogues.

SpeechGen Pricing Plan

  • 25k Limits Pack: $4.99 for 25,000 characters Pro voices or 50,000 characters Standard voices.
  • 65k Limits Pack: $9.99 for 65,000 characters Pro voices or 130,000 characters Standard voices.
  • 200k Limits Pack: $24.99 for 200,000 characters Pro voices or 400,000 characters Standard voices.
  • 500k Limits Pack: $49.99 for 500,000 characters Pro voices or 1,000,000 characters Standard voices.

All Plans have 270+ voices and 30+ languages available with One-time payment and no monthly fees for any plan.

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