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About Micmonster.com
MicMonster text to speech ai voiceover generator can easily transform text into natural-sounding voices with emotions. It can be used to create AI voiceovers for e-learning, presentations, podcasts, YouTube videos etc. It has a free ai voiceover with a limit of 300 characters.

MicMonster text to speech realistic Ai voiceover generator to create natural-sounding voices with emotions and styles. It can be used to create AI voiceovers for various projects to make your video content more engaging. 

MicMonster Features

  • 600+ Ai Voices: Select from a voiceover library of 600+ ai voices in 140 languages
  • Multi-Voice Feature: Select some portion of voices in voiceover.
  • Voice Inflections: Fine-tune Rate, Pitch, Emphasis and Pauses to create a more suitable ai voice tone.
  • Custom Pronunciations: Change the word pronunciation with phoneme support.
  • Preview Mode: Listen to a Voice overs before converting it to speech.
  • Longer Audio Files: Transform 12000 characters into voiceover at once or Use Merge to combine multiple audio files.

MicMonster Use Cases

  • Voiceover in Youtube Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • E-learning Platforms
  • Corporate Training

MicMonster Pricing and Plans

  • Pro Max Quarterly: $39 for 3 months with Unlimited Characters
  • Pro Max Annual: $119 for 1 year with unlimited characters
  • Pro Max LTD: $799 Lifetime forever with 1 million characters every month.

All MicMonster have access to 140 languages, 600+ Ai Voices, Unlimited Projects, an advanced editor, and a commercial license for ai voiceovers generated.

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Trusted By 75,000+ Users, Start your Free Trial in Micmonster, No credit card is required. 

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