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Profilio Ai Recruiting Software

profilio ai recruiting software
About Profilio.ai
Profilio Ai Recruiting software With AI-powered CV Analysis automates CV analysis, saves time, and helps you make data-driven hiring decisions. Profilio is the best AI recruiting software with a bulk CV analyzer and Advanced job matching and ranking to highlight the most suited candidates based on fresh CV uploads.

Profilio AI-based recruitment platform makes you spend less time reading CVs and more time interviewing suitable candidates. Profilio will streamline the hiring process and ensure you find the best candidates effortlessly.

Profilio streamlines recruitment with advanced AI-driven CV analysis, delivering real-time insights to recruiters through an intuitive dashboard. Simplifying the talent acquisition process offers a holistic view of candidates, ensuring only the most suitable prospects are highlighted.

Profilio Ai Recruitment Features

  • Bulk CV Analyzer: Upload 10 or 1000 CVs and compare qualifications, experiences, and skills against the job description.
  • Advanced Job Matching & Ranking: Input your Hiring requirements, and Profilio ranks CVs based on their matching scores. 
  • Magic CV Upload Feature: Allow candidates to submit their CVs by sharing the Magic Upload link publicly
  • Real-time Results Dashboard: Highlights the most suited candidates based on fresh CV uploads for Easy Candidate Tracking.

Profilio Pricing Plans

  • Basic: $18.95 monthly, best for personal use with 100 Profiles Analysis and five job requirements at a time.
  • Standard: $59.95 monthly, best for medium-sized companies with 1000 Profile Analyses and ten job requirements at a time.
  • Premium: $199.95 monthly, best for large companies with unlimited profile analysis and job requirement submission.
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