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Ideamap Ai Visual Brainstorming Tool

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About Ideamap Ai
Ideamap’s AI-driven brainstorming tool can transform your team’s brainstorming into dynamic, AI-powered sessions where ideas flow freely and collaborate effortlessly. Designed for the fast-paced needs of startups, it’s a powerful resource for generating, organizing, and refining concepts in real time through visual mind maps. Ideamap makes every brainstorming session more efficient, allowing you to tap into collective intelligence and AI-assisted creativity.

Ideamap is a visual workspace and brainstorming tool where teams collaborate on ideas and use AI to boost their creativity and productivity.

Ideamap AI co-pilot helps steer your brainstorming in exciting new directions, offering prompts and suggestions to keep the momentum going. It's like having a brainstorming partner ready to inspire and provoke thought.

The platform's seamless integration with tools like Microsoft Teams fits naturally into your workflow. Workspaces and Rooms offer structured environments to cultivate ideas, while the array of Facilitate Features ensures enjoyable and productive sessions.

Whether you're honing your marketing strategy, innovating products, or solving complex business challenges, Ideamap offers startups a playful yet potent way to harness creativity and turn brainstorming into actionable insights.

Ideamap Features

  • Workspaces with Rooms: Personalize your brainstorming environment with dedicated spaces that boost teamwork and AI interaction.
  • Share and Embed: Seamlessly invite teammates, integrate into your website, and ensure easy access with QR codes and more.
  • Microsoft Teams App: Robust integration to streamline your brainstorming within your favourite collaboration tool.
  • Idea Generation: Nurture your creativity with AI-powered prompts.
  • Co-Pilots: Elevate your sessions with intelligent AI assistance.
  • Topic-Detection: Organize ideas into themes automatically through AI analysis.
  • Framework Templates: Access pre-defined strategies for swift ideation.
  • Challenge Suggestion: Let AI set the stage for your next topic of innovation.
  • Agenda: Structured, time-managed brainstorms to maximize productivity.
  • Timer: Keep track of brainstorming sessions with a visual countdown.
  • Voting: Prioritize ideas and insights with intuitive voting mechanisms.
  • Magic Summary: Instantly summarize brainstorming achievements.

Ideamap Use Cases

Ideamap is perfect for agencies devising marketing campaigns, product teams aiming for the next big feature, startups brainstorming business strategies, and educators fostering collaborative learning.

Ideamap Pricing Plan

Ideamap offers a tiered pricing structure tailored to fit various team sizes and needs: The free version provides basic access to AI brainstorming tools with limits on usage. A premium plan offers extended features and unlimited access for growing teams.

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