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LeAi Content Authoring Tool

Leai AI course authoring tool
About LEAi by LearnExperts
LEAi by LearnExperts is the world’s first Generative AI course authoring tool to build the content for courses/lessons in training programs. With LEAi, businesses can create foundational content for eLearning, instructor-led training, knowledge base articles, presentations, webinars, and videos three times faster.

LEAi by LearnExperts is an AI-powered education tool. You can Simply load your existing content (one or multiple files), like documents, presentations, webpages, wikis, community content, and videos, into LEAi, and the tool will automatically analyze your documents and suggest what your training content should be and how to structure it. The output from LEAi is structured in an optimal learning flow and can be used to produce your eLearning in your LMS or to create instructor-led training, presentations, videos, and more.

Companies urgently need to train the right people at the right time, but the process of developing this training takes time and expertise from subject matter experts and course-building experts. To help address this urgent need, LearnExperts has developed a tool called LEAi that allows organizations to build courses three times faster, saving thousands of dollars while still building quality training that looks just like an expert built it.

LEAi takes content from your subject matter experts and tells you where to start and how to structure your courses so that they are optimized for optimal learning. Not only does it create the learning content, LEAi automatically generates the learning objectives and test questions so you can save hours of writing time.

Aside from automatic content creation, LEAi offers a patented LearnAdvisor that continuously looks for learning best practices that aren’t being followed, provides you suggestions on how to improve them, and offers to update your content automatically. LEAi also intelligently update changes to your courses in seconds so that you can eliminate the mundane task of updating individual courses.

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