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AssemblyAi Speech To Text

AssemblyAi Speech To Text
About Assemblyai.com
AssemblyAI provides AI models to transcribe and analyze audio and speech data through our production ready, scalable web API. AssemblyAI models are customizable and enable content moderation, sentiment analysis, PII redaction, key phrase identification, and speaker transcribe. AssemblyAI Speech to text API are trusted by Fortune 500s, startups, and thousands of developers around the world.

AssemblyAI offers APIs to transcribe and understand audio data. Assemblyai speech-to-text API converts audio files and live audio streams to text. AssemblyAI offers AI-powered, API-based services in over 80 languages for automatic transcription.

AssemblyAI Features

  • Auto-generate subtitles
  • Transcribe audio in real-time
  • Summarize calls, podcasts, or virtual meetings
  • Identify speakers
  • Question & Answer
  • Topic Detection
  • Auto Chapters

AssemblyAI Use Cases

  • Telephony Services: Call Transcription.
  • Virtual Meetings Transcribe: AssemblyAI API can transcribe and analyze virtual meeting recordings from industry-wide platforms like Zoom.
  • Media Content: Analyze and transcribe media content from TV, podcasts, and radio.
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