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Meet Axle Ai
About Meet Axle
Meet Axle Ai is a centralized dental platform that helps you capitalize on artificial intelligence, automation, increasing patient retention, lowering risk and boosting your production. Dental AI can Effortlessly verify patient eligibility in under a second and access comprehensive breakdowns for over 250 insurance providers.

Meet Axle provides analytics, collections, automated insurance verification, patient engagement, automated hygiene scheduling, automated patient forms, two-way messaging, reviews, treatment coordination, online scheduling, pay schedules, a mobile app, and more.

Axle innovates through customer feedback, and one of our core values is ACE (amazing customer experiences). Our software engineers are in-house, which means we move fast on customer feedback, enhancements, and new feature releases. We believe feedback is the driving force for improvement and innovation. Our mission is to create a work environment that puts people before profit, so our team can passionately support dentists and their teams in achieving their goals.

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