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About AirOps.com
With AirOps.com, you can Write SQL, documentation, and more 10x faster with our collection of powerful recipes. Free for individuals and small teams. Available via Chrome extension + web app + API. Create, deploy, and scale LLM-powered workflows, chat agents, and Ai Apps with AirOps Studio.

Every data superhero needs a Sidekick. Whether you’re a data pro or SQL newbie, use Airops FREE AI recipes to instantly perform time-consuming data tasks. Draft + fix + optimize SQL. Write docs. Script python.

AirOps Features:

  • Create AI Tools: Turn great prompts into LLM-powered tools like Generate Text and Code, Summarize Text, Question + Answer, Data Extractor, Language Translator, using AirOps Studio and LLm like GPT-4
  • AirOps Docs Chatbot: Chat assistant that can answer questions from the document you are providing.
  • Create AI Workflows: Automate time-consuming, complex work processes by connecting AirOps Studio with LLMs like GPT-4, your data, third-party APIs, and SaaS tools to execute complex workflows.
  • Run Batch Operations: Use AirOps Apps to generate content, Extract information and more from Excel, CSV, and Google Sheets.

Airops Use cases : 

  • Create ChatBot Trained on your Documents
  • Seo Optimized Blog Post Writer
  • Long-form content generation
  • Video/media processing
  • SEO content and marketing generation
  • Chat assistant that can answer questions to improve business
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