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About Lewis Keytalk AI Storytelling
Write your first movie script or fiction novel on Lewis. From writing prompts and plot references to generation tools, Lewis Ai Storytelling and content creation by Keytalk offers everything you need to embark on your journey as a genre fiction creator and Never run out of story ideas. Excels in fiction storytelling with rapid response generation, outpacing other AI LLMs.

Lewis AI is an AI-powered creative story and content generator designed to help fiction writers and content creators successfully build a story via prompt-based AI technology. Lewis allows you to draft multiple loglines quickly and easily using Keytalk prompts, which you may input from the start and throughout to get the story you desire. Not only that, but in Lewis, fine-tuning the details of your characters and plot is just as simple: select and adjust the weight of each Keytalk prompt, and Lewis will refine the details for you. It's not a one-way street: Lewis constantly learns about your intentions and incorporates them into your story and world.

LEWIS Keytalk Ai Storytelling offers

  • Over 100,000 Keytalk prompts
  • Genre-specific prompts (movie, TV, book)
  • Prompt-based trend rankings and research
  • Storytelling templates
  • Over 1 trillion unique story combinations
  • Multiple AI models for text, image, video
  • English and Korean language support

AI Studio LEWIS helps creators complete content quickly and easily. With Lewis, you can go “from zero to hero” with your story idea in less than five minutes.

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