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Hix Ai Writing Copilot

Hix Ai Writing Copilot
About Hix Ai Writing Copilot
HIX.AI is The Most Powerful, All-in-One AI Writing Copilot that is comprised of an extensive suite of specialized writing products, which includes HIX AI Writer, HIX ArticleGPT, HIX Bypass, HIX Browser Extension, HIX Editor, HIX Email Writer, and HIX Chat, each one tailored to streamline one aspect of the content creation process!

Generate high-quality Content for ads, emails, blogs, and more in seconds with HIX.AI, the most powerful, all-in-one AI writing copilot on the market.

Hix Ai Features

HIX AI Writer

  • 120+ AI Writing Tools to Create the Best Copy
  • End writer's block
  • Rewrite, summarize, chat with PDF, grammar check, etc
  • Powered by ChatGPT 3.5/4
  • Support 50+ languages


  • Craft Fact-Based Blog Posts Instantly
  • Get factually accurate Content.
  • Include the latest data and insights.
  • Customizable references
    Eight types of articles supported

HIX Bypass

  • Humanzie AI Text To Bypass AI Detection
  • 100% undetectable AI writing
  • Keyword-rich, SEO-friendly humanized Content
  • Beat most AI detectors
  • Original meaning retained

HIX.AI Browser Extension

  • Bring HIX.AI to Wherever You Write and work
  • Write with our AI assistance in Google Docs.
  • Compose, reply, and summarize emails right within Gmail.
  • Write social media post comments with a click.
  • Summarize YouTube videos in seconds.
  • Select text to rewrite, grammar check, and translate anywhere online.

HIX Editor

  • Write, Rewrite, and edit Seamlessly With AI
  • Robust AI text editor with three writing modes
  • Write, rewrite, edit, and export in one place
  • On-demand AI assistance
  • A better Notion AI alternative

HIX Email Writer

  • Type // to Write Emails and replies in Seconds
  • Write email replies with a click
  • Summarize emails in seconds
  • Available as a web app Chrome extension
  • Boost email campaign conversion

HIX Chat

  • The Most Intelligent AI Chatbot
  • Backed by real-time data
  • Summarize YouTube videos
  • Chat with PDF
  • Chat with webpage
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