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About Fliki.ai
Fliki Ai is a text-to-video and text-to-speech converter powered by generative AI that helps you create video content and audio using AI voices in less than a minute. With its powerful ai features, video creation is made 10x simpler & faster, and you can repurpose your video content and reach your audience while saving time and effort.

Using Fliki Ai, you can convert any text-based content into a video, podcast, or Audiobook with realistic voiceovers in just a few clicks. Fliki is the Best AI Video Maker for YouTube to create engaging videos from text with AI. Stop wasting time and money creating videos and voiceovers Free forever.

Fliki Ai Features:

  • 850+ high-quality AI voices in 77+ languages with 100+ regional dialects.
  • Advanced script editor that allows you to edit and customize your content.
  • Priority email and chat support to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Create and host unlimited podcast shows and audiobooks.
  • Embeddable audio player for easy sharing and distribution.
  • Beautiful public pages for podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Voice cloning for seamless integration with existing brand voices.
  • Faster exports for quicker content creation.
  • API access for integration with other software and platforms.
  • Multiple voices in one script for added variety and engagement.
  • Access to millions of royalty free images, video clips and background music.
  • Upload your audio in between the script to personalize your content.
  • Pronunciation map to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Dedicated account manager to assist you with any questions or issues.

Fliki Ai Use Cases & Tools

  • YouTube Video Maker: Create engaging YouTube videos from text with AI.
  • Blog Post to Video: Transform blog articles into engaging videos since Blogs with Videos get 157% more traffic than others and are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page.
  • Text to Speech: Transform any text into expressive speech with realistic 1500+ AI voices
  • Voice-over Creator: Fliki Ai provides a text-to-speech converter to get your voiceover scripts to voices in a few clicks.
  • Voice Cloning: Create personalized voice content using your voice in minutes.
  • Video maker: Create videos with little to no effort using your existing content from Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or blogs and convert it into TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube videos.
  • Podcast maker: Launch your podcast with a rich selection of voices and publish all for free with an industry-leading podcast maker.
  • Audiobook creator: Convert your eBook to Audiobook in a few minutes.

Fliki Ai Pricing Plans

  • Free: Get started without credit cards for one-off projects with 5 minutes of audio and video content in 720p resolution.
  • Basic (Audio Only): $6 per month to create 120 minutes of audio content per month using human-like AI voices.Access 850 Ai Voices and 15+ ultra-realistic voices. Translate content to 75+ languages.
  • Standard: $21 per month. Perfect for individuals and professionals to create videos with voiceovers. Create 180 minutes of audio and video content per month. Access 850 Ai Voices and 35+ ultra-realistic voices. 
  • Premium: $66 per month. Perfect for businesses to create videos with voiceovers. Create 600 minutes of audio and video content per month—access 1800 Ai Voices and 950+ ultra-realistic voices. 

We are trusted by 1,750,000+ content creators from all over the world. No credit card is required. Try Fliki Ai Video Creator for Free

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