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Recast Studio AI Podcast

Recast studio podcast marketing assistant

Recast Studio is an AI-powered podcast marketing assistant that helps podcasters and creators turn their podcasts and videos into short video clips & write show notes, blog posts, and social media posts with the help of AI.

How Recast Studio Works

  1. Upload your video or audio file.
  2. AI will transcribe and analyze your media to identify highlights.
  3. Turn highlights into engaging video clips for TikTok, Shorts, Instagram or any other social media platform in a single click.
  4. Customize pre-built templates or create your templates using an advanced editor.
  5. AI will also write show notes, blog posts, email newsletters and social media posts for the episode.

Key features of Recast Studio

  • Automatically generates a full transcript of your episode
  • Show notes with summary and timestamps
  • Captivating social media posts
  • An email with the key takeaways of the episode
  • Main highlights categorized by topic
  • Branded Audiogram/video clips in a single click

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